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23 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi

Selection of Silhouette of Your Wedding: Selection of Skirt!

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When choosing a wedding dress model you need to make many choices. When choosing wedding dresses, collar types, sleeves, fabrics, I suggest that you consider the wedding venue, season, and personal tastes, but make the most appropriate choices for your body type. The most basic of these preferences is the bridal skirt cut. The cut of the skirt, the determiner of the wedding dress model, will draw the silhouette. The selection of wedding dress cuts will depend on the body type, even if it is about the likes. The most critical thing when choosing among the wedding dress cut-off patterns for your piece is that it will recognize its own proportions. Is there a conflict in body physiology? Is the length of the neck shorter than the neck, is the length of the leg shorter than the neck, is the thickness of the waist thick or thin? Know all these ratios, know yourself, and if you combine this knowledge with your personal liking, then there is a great choice. If you do not know the type of body, before you decide to cut the wedding dress, I suggest you start by finding out the wedding dress recommendations that match your body type!

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